you can triumph over trouble

Many of us have no idea just how powerful we actually are and unaware of the reservoir of inner strength we have. We may view others more powerful because of their status, title or the money they have.

Most of the time our inner power is reserved for crisis situations that happen in our lives or the lives of those we love.
Yet our inner power is always there, we just need to remember this and connect with it.

Claim Your Power
by Russell Kemp

Claim your power! Start it flowing. Activate it in your mind. There’s one mind and I’m it’s power. Calmly say this, and you’ll find you’re the master, not a puppet. You are God’s image, not a slave!

You can triumph over trouble. There’s power within you to save. Ever loving, ever waiting. Power in you heeds your word. You were born to be the victor, and to give up is absurd. Dare to listen! Dare to breathe deep!

Now relax, and think with power.Claim your power. Claim your power. God is waiting! Claim your power.”
You are the original power tool.  You do have the power to change your life and in so doing you will have positively changed the chemistry of the entire universe.

Claim your power today!

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