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Gina Rizzo

Gina Rizzo

I know what it’s like to struggle with life’s ups and downs and I have had my share of challenges and disappointments. Using the tools that I am now sharing, I have learned to transform struggle into peace and abundance.

Trust me, I know how frustrating it can be to have read dozens of self-help books telling you to affirm that you are rich, happy and slim, yet you couldn’t feel further from those things.

...When a best-selling relationship book tells you that love is all around but your weekend plans include a stack of romance novels and pizza delivery.

...When you follow the latest diet plan with the hopes of finally achieving your dream body, but instead you only lost time and money.

It’s not that any of these programs or books were wrong - they just weren’t what you needed to really make the breakthrough you desire.

The Living in Abundance website was created for people just like me and you, and is filled with resources, tips, tools and processes to help you through your challenges and inspire you to achieve your goals.

The variety of resources, tips, and process are meant to provide you with options so that you can pick and choose what works for you. The cookie cutter approach has never worked for me, so I am sure there are many women just like me who dance to the beat of their own drum and who want to do things their way.

You have the power to create whatever life you dream possible. Say goodbye to the part of you that is holding you back and sabotaging your feelings of worthiness and discover how to turn your “messes” into miracles.

I did it, so can you.


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"Many self-help books are based on theory; I have found that the only true teacher is experience—and that is the foundation of Gina' s book. She shares the impact of making positive choices in real life as the practical way to achieving Amazing Abundance. Scroll down through the Table of Contents and you will be drawn to buy this book..."

-- Dr. Vimala Rodgers, author of Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life

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Gina Rizzo Welcome. My name is Gina Rizzo and I am a Certified Wellness Educator and Author. I teach people how to create more love, prosperity and well-being in their lives in a natural and practical way.

This website exists as a transformational resource for those creative, courageous individuals who are tired of the struggle and self-sabotage and are ready to experience more abundance and well-being in their lives.

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